The emergency vent is an auxiliary to a free vent. It acts to relieve excess internal pressure created by overheating, fire and over-pumping etc.

OPW 202F Emergency Pressure Relief Vent

These vents meet the requirements of API 2000 code as stipulated in AS 1940.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight Construction – Allows for safe, easy installation on large aboveground tanks.
  • Spring-Loaded, O-Ring Sealed Cover with Teflon-Coated Seat – Ensures smooth, vapor-tight sealing surface and reliable service life.
  • Full-Bore, High-Capacity Upward Venting – Enables smaller diameter vents with higher venting capacity to be used on ASTs when compared to weighted, mushroom-style vents.
  • Aluminum Cover and Body with Stainless Steel Components – Corrosion-resistant construction to protect expensive finish or epoxy coatings on ASTs.
  • Alerts Tank Operators of Possible Venting Problems – When the emergency vent is actuated, the lid remains open for inspection until manually reset. The actuation of the emergency vent indicates abnormal excessive pressure build-up in the tank due to either a blockage in the normal tank vent or in the event of a rapid expansion of vapors, possibly from a fire.
  • 3-Point Vent Shear System – Ensures the vent safely opens every time, even if non-OPW replacement parts are utilized. Shear Pin breaks at 2.5 psi (0.17 bar), Break Link breaks at 3.5 psi (0.24 bar), and Bar breaks at 6.5 psi (0.44 bar).
  • UL Listed - To satisfy Third Party accreditation requirements of many jurisdictions
Spare Parts:
1 H04869RE Break Link
2 H06475RE Rivet
3 H04981M Cotter Pin
4 H04928 Parts S/A
5 H04929M Screw
6 C01288I Bar
7 H04871M Break Pin
8 C01289M Gasket
9 H04873M O-Ring
10 H06449RE Rivet