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Self Bunded Bi-Wall Diesel & Petrol Storage Tanks

BI-Wall storage tanks eliminate the need for external bunding requirements, they offer:

  • Maximum Cost Effectiveness
  • Sizes from 1,000L - 110,000L
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2.4 Diameter Onground Farm Diesel Storage Tanks

Best value for money available, 2.4dia On ground tanks are used due to their:

  • Better use of space
  • Ease of Maintenance & Installation
  • Sizes from 10,000L to 28,000L
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Onground Diesel & Petrol Storage Tanks

Where space is not a limiting factor, On ground tanks are used due to their:

  • Low Cost
  • Ease of Maintenance & Installation
  • Sizes from 1,000L to 150,000L
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Oil Field & Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Single Wall Storage Tanks for applications such as:

  • De-Watering
  • Frac Water
  • Crude Storage
  • Sizes from 1,000L to 150,000L
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Self Bunded Tanks - Container Style

Utilising ISO Container Dimensions, these tanks provide:

  • Ease of Transport
  • Side loader truck loading & unloading
  • Standalone fuelling solutions
  • Sizes from 10,000L to 110,000L
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Self Bunded Tanks - Rectangular/Square/Custom

Built to any shape or size you reqire, perfect for:

  • In-Building generator day tanks
  • Tanks requiring abstract sizing
  • Where external bunding isn't an option
  • Sizes from 200L to 110,000L
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Double Wall Underground Fibreglass Tanks

Proven time & time again, Fibreglass tanks are:

  • Proven protection against petroleum contamination of the environment and underground water supplies.
  • Sizes from 5,000L to 110,000L
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Calibrated Dipsticks

Is your old dipstick bent or not providing an accurate reading? We can:

  • Calibrate a new dipstick from just a few simple mesurements of your tank
  • In Stainless Steel or Black Anodised Aluminium
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316 Stainless Steel BSP Camlocks

Type A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP

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316 Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Nipples, Unions, Sockets , Elbows, Etc

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Carbon Steel Valves, Firesafe, Flanged, Screwed

We can supply:

  • BSP, NPT Screwed
  • ANSI150,300 Flanged
  • Forged Steel
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Mechanical Overfill Prevention Valves

Entirely mechanical in operation, these valves are:

  • UL Listed
  • Sizes from 2" to 4"
  • Flow Rates from 300-800LPM
  • Built from high quality components
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Anti Syphon Valve

The Anti-Siphon Valve is used on above ground storage tanks to prevent spillage and to avoid other potential hazards.

  • Various Head Pressures available
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OPW 202F Emergency Vent

The industry standard 8" Emergency Vent / Burst Hatch:

  • The Vents meet the requirements of API 2000 code as stipulated in AS 1940
  • Spare parts readily available
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Protectoseal Flame Arrestors

Flame Arresters prevent exterior flame entry into storage or processing tanks/systems via vent openings.

  • Under normal operating conditions, they allow the efficient passage of vapour
  • Under emergency conditions – stop and extinguish any flame front propagating through the flammable vapour/air mixtur
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Fill-Rite Pumps & Accessories

12, 24, 240 Volt Diesel & Petroleum Pumps

  • 12/24 Volt in 57 or 76LPM
  • 240 Volt in 68 or 132LPM
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